From the past to the present, the classic and the modern seem to be two opposite terms but these two is still combinable. The opposite has long become a key to creating a great picture, where old values ​​and new memories are intertwined. It is not exaggerated to say that you will fall in love the first time you see Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant & Bar – A place that converges of the old and modern memories. The classic and modern at Ben Thanh Market

Saigon is the second largest city in the country, with ups and downs throughout the years. And the heart of Saigon – Ben Thanh Market is a living witness to this city that never sleeps for more than a century. With such a wonderful history, the people of Saigon – Saigonese are proud and keep the city’s glorious memories in their heart. Today, Saigon has transformed into one of the most modern urban areas in the country, integrating with the world and widely known by international friends.

Despite having a modern style to keep up with the rhythm of the world today, the historical values ​​and memories of old Saigon still exist in SOUL Ben Thanh Restaurant & Bar. From cups, plates, pots, etc. to the smallest items like chopsticks, teapots carry the breath of time. When coming to this place, you can once again live in emotional memories. Feel the classic and modern at Ben Thanh.

Soul Ben Thanh always wants to be a great place to take you to great feelings about a Saigon, the modern hustle but also extremely classic. It has been a long time someone can remember the taste of the fish cooked by iron pot, clay pot or bamboos. Coming to Soul, you will truly get the true feelings of flavor and taste of pure Vietnamese food in a modern and comfortable atmosphere but still has the warm vibes of the old time.