Thick Rice Noodle Soup (local name: Bánh canh) – a purely folk dish of Vietnamese people. You can find this dish at most restaurants. This can also be considered a very popular dish but the nutritional value is not inferior to the luxury dishes. A delicious taste that comes out from bowl of thick rice noodle soup, is not only found in large pieces of meat or attractive shrimp, but also in the noodles that made from filtered flour or rice flour and the sweet taste of the broth made from the stew of pork bones.

Thick Rice Noodle Soup with Pork and Shrimps

Thick Rice Noodle Soup at SOUL BEN THANH is taken care of by our professional chefs, who are dedicated all his works for the love of cuisine as food lovers from the beginning stage of selecting the ingredients to the stage of completion. All must ensure the freshness and clear origin, to ensure not only the full nutritional value but also food safety and hygiene for our customers. Come to SOUL BEN THANH, sit on a cool open-air balcony full of the paranomic landscape of Ben Thanh Market with surrounding busy streets, intertwined with daily activities of the people in the area whilst enjoying breakfast with a bowl of Thick Rice Noodle Soup with very delicious mixed of Shrimps, Pork and sweet broth until the last drop is all what you would have for a perfect breakfast.