Boiled meat with shrimp sauce is a typical dish for Vietnamese cuisine. It is no coincidence that many people have called this a “national soul”. In the dish we can have shrimp sauce, Mam nem, … The main ingredients for fish sauce including seafood such as shrimp, fishes, mini-shrimps or seasarmidae. Each type of sauce will have different flavors and be used with typical dishes.

Coming to SOUL Ben Thanh Restaurant, diners will enjoy the typical sauce of Vietnamese cuisine, which is the dish of Boiled bacon with sour shrimp sauce/Vietnamese sauce. This dish has a little strange smell for foreigners but it is so delicious that it will be hard to forget. The sweetness of each piece of boiled meat blends with the aroma of shrimp sauce will surely make your meal more delicious than ever. In addition, you can try boiled meat with sour shrimp or Mam tom – a very yummy sauce of Vietnam and also create a delicious taste and unique characteristic.

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