Nhằm vận hành SOUL Ben Thanh Restaurant & Bar. chúng tôi cần tuyển dụng với ứng viên như sau:

Tuyển dụng SOUL Bến Thành
  1. Quản lý Nhà hang: 2
  2. Nhân Viên Phục Vụ : 10
  3. Nhân Viên Sales Nhà Hàng: 2
    Note: Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant nằm trong khu vực đắc địa của điểm du lịch tại quận 1. Nhà hàng chuyên món Việt và âu với đội ngũ nhân viên thân thiện rất mong nhận được tìm nhiều ứng viên để phát triển nhà hàng. mong chờ tuyển dụng được những ứng viên tài năng đến với SOUL Bến Thành.
  4. Mức lương thỏa thuận, xứng đáng với năng lực của ứng viên;
  5. Được hưởng % doanh số tăng thêm.
  6. Được hưởng chế độ BHXH, chế độ phúc lợi theo quy định của Công ty;
  7. Hỗ trợ chi phí sinh hoạt (đối với ứng viên ở xa),
  8. Sơ tuyển:
  9. Ứng viên điền đầy đủ thông tin vào mẫu “Đơn đăng ký ứng tuyển” – download
  10. Các ứng viên gửi CV cá nhân và CV theo mẫu vào đồng thời 02 hòm thư info@soulbenthanh.com – Tiêu đề mail ghi rõ: VỊ TRÍ ỨNG TUYỂN_HỌ TÊN
  11. Ưu tiên ứng viên có kinh nghiệm và có người nhà làm tại Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant.
  12. Hoặc nộp hồ sơ trực tiếp tại: 7 Thủ Khoa Huân, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam.
  13. Phỏng vấn:
  14. Công ty sẽ gọi phỏng vấn những hồ sơ đạt vòng sơ tuyển.
  15. Khi đến phỏng vấn các ứng viên mang theo bộ hồ sơ gồm:
  16. Sơ yếu lý lịch dán ảnh, có xác nhận của địa phương (trong 06 tháng gần nhất)
  17. Giấy xác nhận không vi phạm pháp luật của địa phương (Giấy XN nhân sự)
  18. Chứng minh thư, hộ khẩu, giấy khai sinh (photo công chứng)
  19. Các văn bằng, chứng chỉ (photo công chứng)
  20. Đơn xin việc tự viết tay
  21. 2 ảnh 3×4
  22. Tờ khai thông tin ứng viên (mẫu cty)\
  23. Hồ sơ không trúng tuyển không trả lại.
  24. Chi tiết công việc tại các vị trí sẽ trao đổi thêm trong quá trình phỏng vấn.
    V. THÔNG TIN LIÊN HỆ (trong giờ hành chính)
    Phòng Nhân Sự Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant
    Ms Tien: 0944811221 (Zalo)
    Tele: (+84) 2873050268
    Email: info@soulbenthanh.com

SOUL to Heal Cocktail gives a new meaning to stepping on grapes. The sweetness accompanies the slight bitterness from the skins but this small fruit heals our body and helps allows us to clear the obstacles of our lives.


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Saigon, a prosperous city is also known as “the city that never sleeps”. At Soul, the Night Life Cocktail lights up your taste buds as you indulge this unique concoction like a love song on this beautiful Saigon City.


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Sugarcane is one fruit that has an irresistible sweetness and very close to the heart of the local folks since the very beginning. You will be amazed at how this sweet concoction – Sweet Lady Cocktail is created by our Alchemists.


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This sultry Red Cocktail spirits with dim mist which makes it Oh-So-Haunting. The mystical presentation flowed by our SOUL Alchemists create a mystical feel that keeps you wanting for more. That is The Attic Smoke Cocktail


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Saigon cuisine is mixed with a variety of cultural flair and street food is the most highlighted experience. These authentic stalls that serve snail dishes along the street have long been imprinted in the hearts of the Vietnamese people. Stir-fried snail fused with coconut is whipped out by our talented SOUL Alchemists into an exotic cocktail that gives a sweet taste with a tinge of spice that will entice you. That is Saigon Night Snail Cocktail.


Saigon is the where the culinary arts of the world meet and mix together into a perfect, elite, essence of both domestic and foreign culinary delights. However, the kernel is Vietnamese cuisine, and it will always be. Therefore, Soul Ben Thanh was made, as exactly as what it’s called – Soul Ben Thanh bringing the soul of Vietnamese cuisine in every meal, the soul of Ben Thanh, the soul of Saigon among foreign foods.

Located in 7th Thu Khoa Huan, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, the restaurant has a very special place in Ben Thanh with two fronts, right across of famous Ben Thanh Market. Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant & Bar is an undiscovered pearl in Ben Thanh. Come and slide yourself into rendezvous and elegant space, while looking down at a crowded, uproarious Ben Thanh Market while enjoy Vietnamese cuisine.

At Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant & Bar, you will emersed to a cozy, elegant and luxurious space with the delicate intermix of architecture between old Vietnam and Indo-Chinese, lead you back to the memories of Saigon in the 80s. You will feel the soul of Vietnamese cuisine.

Moreover, Vietnamese Tradition “Ao Dai” are the dresscode of Soul Ben Thanh’s servers. With delicious, flavorful, abundant foods and drinks will bring Vietnamese cuisine lovers the best experiences you will ever have.

Không gian rooftop bar



Address: 7 Thu Khoa Huan, District1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Hotline: 1900.633.398

Email. info@soulbenthanh.com

Crab has long been known to be one of the most nutritious and delicious seafood. There are various and delicious dishes made from crabs at Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant Bar, to fully appreciate the sweet and fleshy taste of crab meat, it is impossible not to mention such dishes as Stir-fried sheller crab with tamarind sauce, Fried sheller crab with salt, Crispy sheller crabPeeled crab roasted with salt, Crispy fried crabs…

Stir-fried sheller crab with tamarind sauce

Stir-fried sheller crab with tamarind sauce
Stir-fried sheller crab with tamarind sauce

Is a great dish with the sweetness of crabs blended with tamarind really awake the taste of the customers.

Fried sheller crab with salt

Sheller crabs are cleaned, combined with spices to make the delicious Fried sheller crab with salt or Fried sheller crab with garlic. The sweetness of crabs combined with the salty taste of salt and the greasy taste of butter will give you a strange feeling. These are excellent dishes made from crabs that do not cause boredom and very good for health.

Fried sheller crab with salt
Fried sheller crab with salt

Crispy fried crab

One of many delicious dishes from crab. The dish has eye-catching yellow color will make everyone want to eat because when eating crunchy, eating once will make you want to eat more. Besides, crabs when fried will have soft shell, sweet flesh and rich in Calcium which is good for your bine.

Crispy fried crab
Crispy fried crab

Each color of vegetables is a miraculous secret for health. Although simple but just a few people can know the meaning of vegetable colors. We often eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, they have different colors such as tomatoes and peppers are red, carrots are orange, papayas are yellow, eggplant and grapes are purple … But have we ever had questions about the use and meaning of the color of vegetables?

But hey! Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant & Bar will help you find out about their secrects!!

Color of vegetables
Color of vegetables

– Dark green vegetables: Rich in nutrients, green vegetables provide vitamins A, C, and K as well as vitamin B that is healthy for brain system. Great options arugula, beetroot, cabbage, rainbow cabbage, green dandelion, kale, spinach and green mustard. Note that spice vegetables are also considered as vegetables such as coriander, basil, mint, etc.

– Rainbow color vegetables: Colors signal the presence of antioxidants – and when a vegetable is colored in every part, its antioxidant content will be the highest. Green includes asparagus, cabbage and peas. Red includes peppers, chicory and red cabbage. Next is blue, purple and black of cauliflower, purple kale and black olives. Carrots, peppers, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and squash give brighter colors like gold and orange.

Each color has a different meaning
Each color has a different meaning

– Sulfur-rich vegetables: Sulfur nourishes cells and mitochondria, helping the body effectively remove toxins. It is also important for protein synthesis and collagen formation, connective tissue formation. Choose cauliflower flowers, garlic, leeks, onions, turnips, shallots, beets and basketry.

You can learn more about the restaurant through our Fanpage SOUL Ben Thanh!

In Vietnamese cuisine, chicken is a nutritious meat, bringing a lot of benefits to the body. Let’s explore the benefits of chicken.

Good for the eyes

Chicken is one of the good for eyesight foods. High levels of retinol, alpha and beta-carotene and lycopene … in chicken are all substances derived from vitamin A, so it is very beneficial for eyesight. Therefore, eating chicken also helps your vision to be stable and healthy.

Chicken meat
Chicken is very good for eyesight

High protein

If you are looking for a great source of protein and low fat in meat, chicken is the choice. The amount of protein in chicken works to help you develop muscles, maintain a healthy body weight and support weight loss.


Antidepressant is one of the great uses of chicken. In chicken also contains a large amount of amino acids called tryptophan which calms nerves, stimulates sleep. In fact, if you are feeling depressed, eat some chicken dishes to increase serotonin levels in your brain, to boost your mood, reduce stress and make you feel better, reduce it completely. The stresses, depression you are suffering.

Good for the heart

Chicken is very good for the heart. Homocysteine ​​is an amino acid that can cause cardiovascular disease if it has high levels in the body. Therefore, controlling homocysteine ​​levels is essential to protect the heart’s health. And luckily, eating chicken breast can help prevent and control homocysteine ​​levels as you want.

Chicken meat
Chicken is also good for heart

Supports teeth and bones

Good dental and bone support are one of the good benefits of chicken for health. Chicken is also rich in phosphorus – an essential mineral that supports the growth and stability of teeth and bones. In addition, phosphorus also contributes to the function of organs such as kidney, liver, central nervous system … to work better.

Not only does it bring so many benefits, chicken is also popularly chosen by its appetite. Visit Soul Ben Thanh restaurant to enjoy chicken dishes such as Chicken Soup, Fried Chicken with fish sauce, Grilled Chicken with salt and chilli