In Vietnamese cuisine, perhaps there is no “pleasant” dish like the Goi Cuon, Especially, the Vietnamese Goi Cuon is favored by the French as “rouleau de printemps” – the spring’s rolls. Perhaps that is why this dish is known as Spring Rolls. Because through the thin wet rice paper, we can see the abundant colors like a season of a new beginning that really fascinate the eyes.

Goi Cuon can be used for any meal of the day. You can use it as a light food as well. To make Goi Cuon is very simple, just need a few pieces of rice paper, a little fresh shrimp, boiled, thinly cut pork, spread evenly with noodles, chives, basil, gently rolled so that the roll is not too tight but not too loose. However, don’t take this Goi Cuon easily. The maker must be skillful or Goi Cuon will not be neat and very unattractive. The foods inside the roll must be fresh and neatly arranged. Don’t miss this delicious dish, here at SOUL Ben Thanh we have this skillfully rolled Goi Cuon with the unforgettable sauce that will conquer every food critics.

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