How to make omelette to eat with delicious bread? Surely many people still don’t know about it. If you are a fan of this dish, don’t ignore SOUL’s instruction to create a wonderful bread with omelette

Ingredients prepare for making omelette


Cooking oil


Fruit tomatoes

Pork bologna

Step 1: Pick perfect eggs

Although pouring omelette eggs is quite simple, however, we should not underestimate the preparation. Below are a few tips for purchasing some quality eggs to make the perfect omelette:

There is one best way to check if the egg is new or old, it’s put the egg in a water bath, if you see the egg tip down to the bottom, it means the egg is new, and vice versa. Another way is you can also prepare a mixture of diluted saline in a ratio of 100 grams, which is equivalent to a liter of water, followed by the egg. If the egg emerges above the surface of the water, it is an old egg and vice versa.

A wonderful bread with omelette
An omelette dish at Soul

Step 2: Fried eggs

First, you put the pan in and turn on the heat in moderation. After that, you put a little oil in, not too much to flood the egg. You heat for 10 to 20 seconds until it’s hot. We can also check boiling oil by using a chopstick head and dip into the oil pan, if it is bubbling around the end of the chopsticks, it is already boiling.

You beat the egg and pour it into the pan, making sure the egg yolk is not broken or buckled. Pour a little more seasoning powder on the egg surface to create a richer egg flavor.

Now you will have many ways to do it according to your demands. If you like to use raw eggs then we just need to wait for about 10 seconds longer.

If you like to use the omelette eggs, there are 2 ways for you:

The first way: After pouring eggs into a pan, we also add a little seasoning, and immediately cover the pan again for 20 – thirty seconds to give the eggs evenness on both sides. When the egg is cooked, take it out and eat it.

The second way: It is still the familiar stage of putting eggs in, then when you see the lower part about to ripen, take a spoon and flip the egg. You also have to be careful enough not to break the egg. When both sides ripen, we put on the plate and enjoy it.

Tomato can be used as a raw material to make the dish more attractive, you cut tomatoes into thin slices, round and round the plate. Same thing with Pork bologna

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