Having existed for thousands of years along with the natural plants of the country, the lotus is not only a close friend but also considered a cultural symbol of Vietnamese. To mention the influence of lotus in Vietnamese cuisine, the dishes of lotus always appear in the tray of Vietnamese people and friends of all three regions. At Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant, we send Lotus Salad with Shrimp and Bacon to the customers by the special flavor that when mentioned, everyone feels attractive.

Picking the lotus is the most important part when we making this dish. You should choose the young, natural white lotus and should avoid choosing the Lotus parts that have been crushed or to much mud on the lotus, this will affect the taste of the dish. The dish requires fresh vegetables, also shrimp and meat must be carefully selected to make the most delicious dish.

The dish has a delicious taste thanks to the harmonious combination of the sourness of the lemon with the natural sweetness of the shrimp and the crispy taste of the lotus. Not only that, the colorful dish also satisfies your eyes. The crispy lotus, fresh shrimp and meat are mixed together with vegetables, laksa leaves, lemon, chili, peanuts, etc. Soul Ben Thanh restaurant believes that customers who come here will not be able to ignore this tasty meal.

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