Pancakes are known as one of the world’s most famous desserts, the irresistible pancakes at SOUL Ben Thanh themselves can make any mouth wet. Its ingredients are very simple with butter, eggs, milk, wheat flour. Because it’s so simple to make and delicious, pancakes become one of those foods that have the most fans in the world. Try this now at Soul Ben Thanh.


Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant & Bar has these yummy pancakes in our menu for the deserts, breakfasts or brunches, they can be eaten at any time of the day. Pancakes are often considered a weekend-only treat, but there’s no denying that the other five days would be substantially better if they, too, started with a warm short stack. To make this an actually feasible option on hectic mornings, you have a few options. Enjoy this cake with a cup of tea, a glass of milk, or with fruit jam, honey or just eat it alone.

Coming to Soul Ben Thanh and choosing pancakes for dessert after meals will be an excellent choice. Let the simplicity blend together with the sweet flavors of honey, greasy milk or delicious fruit jam that will make you feel relieved. Delicious pancake will make you fall in love. Don’t miss those irresistible pancakes at SOUL Ben Thanh.