Saigon, why are you so beautiful? The city of erratic sun and rains like a girl. In Saigon’s breathtaking hustle and bustle, the flow of life always rushing quickly regardless of day or night. Each road and every street corner give us different feelings and emotions. An ancient city but also modern, the most developed in the country. The Soul of Saigon.

Although this place has a lot of traffic up and down, but it does not lose its beauty, it also reminds you of the old memories of Saigon – one of the most beautiful cities in South East Asia.

About the characteristic of Saigon, no one in Saigon have not ever heard about Ben Thanh Market, a symbol of Ho Chi Minh City. Moreover, this is also a historical witness to the ups and downs of Saigon for more than a century, making every tourist miss it when they gone.

To get the entire view of North gate of Ben Thanh Market, there is no better choice in restaurant and bar than Soul Ben Thanh. Express the soul of the old and present Ben Thanh market, a harmonious and delicate combination between classic and modern. With the mission of giving customers the soul of Vietnamese cuisine, Soul Ben Thanh will bring diners to an emotional journey back to old memories of Saigon with taste, sight, senses and more.

The restaurant is like a beautiful princess during the day. With the flow of people and the stuffy atmosphere in the early morning, Soul Ben Thanh removes all of its “makeup”, wash it all and turn into a rustic old Vietnamese girl worthy of 4 golden words: “Heroism, determination, faithfulness, and resourcefulness “.

But as the twilight gradually took over the city and the street lights up, Soul Ben Thanh dresses up into a classy, mystical lady that take the eyes of everyone. A beautiful view, a glass of fine wine, melodious music from the Bar will make people feel more immersed in the fanciful space.