“The shortest path to the heart is going through the stomach.” The quote shows that food has become an important part of life. Culinary is becoming one of the most vital human needs in life. Everyone wants to enjoy delicious nice meals in a place that suitable for their mood. For Vietnamese, they always want to enjoy the essence of Vietnamese cuisine

Every country in the world has its own cuisine essence, creating a unique cultural identity that can’t be mistaken with any other country. You can say cheeses in Switzerland, Sushis in Japan, Chocolates in the Netherlands or French wines … These are brands that are the identity of that country.

Besides the natural landscapes and amazing cultural, Vietnamese cuisine is also a strength of Vietnam tourism with thousands of delicious dishes with the tastes of all 3 regions of the country. Many experts and tourists think that Vietnam deserves to be “the world’s kitchen”.

Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese food is referred by tourists as light, fatless, using lots of vegetables but still ensuring nutritional balance. That’s why not only bread, pho, but many typical dishes of the S-shaped land are widely known and honored. For Vietnamese people, the cuisine is not only a material culture but also a spiritual culture. Through cuisine, people can understand the culture that expresses the dignity of the people, the intellectuals of the nation with the ethics, rules and customs in the way of enjoying culinary.

Banh mi – a very famous Vietnamese dish

Saigon – the largest city in Vietnam, is where the characteristic of all 3 regions meet and convergence. Those who come to Saigon cannot ignore this “Cuisine Paradise”. You can find any typical dish of any province of Vietnam here, especially When you set foot in Ben Thanh Market – A bustling market day and night and is considered a symbol of Saigon, an extremely interesting destination not only to international tourists but also local people.

Understanding these characteristics, Soul Ben Thanh restaurant was born and carries the mission of expressing the position and influence of Vietnamese cuisine to the world, however still retaining the soul of the people in Vietnam.

Coming to SOUL Ben Thanh, customers are not only able to experience the essence of Vietnamese cuisine but in that modern classical ambiance, diners are brought into a train to experience the culture, emotion, spirit of Vietnamese people. Reflecting and feeling life in a luxurious, quiet space, watching the bustling city out there is a wonderful and unforgettable experience at Soul Ben Thanh.

Soul Ben Thanh always wants to grow and become a symbol of a very unique Vietnamese cuisine. A place where guests will miss when arriving in Saigon.