Why do we always run after the precipitate of the city lifestyle? The dejected and exhausted everyday routine. How long since the last time you spend a day relaxed? Or maybe a little lazy, a little day with a train of thoughts? Just spend your weekend at Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant & Bar – our Home.

Well, let’s go to Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant & Bar!

Let the place charm you with tranquility, elegant, not to mention the luxurious atmosphere. With the intermix modern and ancient architecture between Vietnam and Indo-Chinese will take you back to Saigon in the 80s, you will definitely let your dejected and exhausted days aside and experience the best moments you will ever have.

Inside this high-placed area, you will almost completely separate with the precipitate lifestyle, the uproarious of Ben Thanh Market out there.

It could be a rendezvous date with your lover, a lovely meet up with friends or family inside the cozy and elegant space of Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant & Bar. Besides delicious and flavorful Vietnamese foods, diversity menu, excellent drinks are the friendly, hospitable and professional employees. Spend your day chatting with friends about foods, listen to some Jazz songs, and spend a second slower than the rushy lifestyle out there.