Vietnamese cuisine has always been flavorful and abundant. Cha Gio is one of the typical dishes that express that spirit. Cha Gio is a dish that fully expresses the essence of Vietnamese cuisine, not only Vietnamese love Cha Gio, international friends have a big affection for them too. Cha Gio is always there in the tray of many Vietnamese families.

Vietnamese people always love natural foods, satisfying delicious but less fat meals, fresh, attractive and especially beneficial for health. As for that, Cha Gio contained a fresh world inside: vegetables, shrimp, meat… mixed together harmoniously.

Because the kernels are kept fresh, the sticky Cha Gio is wrapped in a thin layer of rice paper. The aroma and crispy taste of spring rolls, the sweetness of shrimp and the pureness of vegetables will make cuisine lovers cannot forget.

At SOUL Ben Thanh Restaurant & Bar, Cha Gio is the dish that you should try because of its fresh and carefully selected ingredients. The Cha Gio will satisfy all of the most demanding customers.

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