The magnificent Friday has arrived! Let’s get yourself to Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant & Bar and relax in a high, elegant space with over 70 dishes on the menu and top class wines. And thank god, it’s Friday.

Treat yourself like a king this weekend, let all the dejected and exhausted days aside to enjoy a beautiful evening in a cozy ambient with your friends, family and your love ones.

Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant & Bar has a wide view up top looking down to a crowded and uproarious Ben Thanh Market, you can watch the busy nights of the citizens and the stream of life while tasting our excellent drinks.

Don’t wait up! Throw away your boring and upset days and have a wonderful meal with your fellas, or maybe drink some top class wine and cold beer that we have prepared for you. And once again, thank God it’s Friday.

Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant & Bar always bring you the best experience you will ever have, chill your vibes and more.



Address: 7 Thu Khoa Huan, District1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Hotline: 1900.633.398