Located in the center of District 1, right across the North gate of Ben Thanh Market – The soul of Saigon with many historical ups and downs. The restaurant wants to give you a brand new respective with old days memories, but there is still a modern, dynamic Saigon. It’s a place that the souls that embrace the resounding history of Saigon will stay. The design of SOUL Ben Thanh always keep the vibes of Saigon.

The first floor of the restaurant with simple and warm orange tones is a place where guests can relax to enjoy wonderful dishes that recall the old memories. There is also a V.I.P room for customers who want a private space for appointments or important meetings.

An outdoor balcony with beautiful views, you can watch the lives of all people around the market, the hustle and bustle of everyday routine.

At the second floor of Soul Ben Thanh, the main color is the deep green of the trees, close your eyes to imagine the scene that will evoke the feeling of peace and joy of the old memories.

The top of the restaurant is opening a whole new world, the world of drinks such as cocktails, beer, top class wines. The bar will lead your soul to a peaceful, comfortable vibe in a warm, fanciful space. Retro songs will lull you back to the vague emotions of a time. Here we have a band that will perform after 22:30, this is a precious moment of “The City that Never Sleeps” to enjoy a glass of fine wine and watch the people and the light of Saigon street.

Soul Ben Thanh Restaurant & Bar with classic and modern designs reflecting the essence of the Vietnamese culinary culture. Perhaps so, diners come to Soul Ben Thanh restaurants not only to fill their hungry stomachs and satisfy their eyes but also to enjoy traditional delicacies and back to the old memories.