From time to time, Vietnamese people always have a massive love with coffee. In the hustle and bustle of the city, coffee is a great drink to regain energy after hours of working, feeling the aroma and bitterness of coffee melting on the tip of the tongue. Besides coffee, Vietnamese cuisine has long been very attractive to international friends. It makes many tourists around the earth have to come a long way to be able to enjoy the Vietnamese dishes that make their mouths wet only by hearing it. Despite the development and urbanization of the country, the cultural value and essence of Vietnamese cuisine remain the same. But still, Vietnamese cuisine always combines with other countries cuisine and innovate.

Therefore, a unique and wonderful dish was created and became a signature dish at SOUL Ben Thanh Restaurant & Bar, the one and only “Vietnamese Coffee Pork Ribs”. Pork ribs in a crispy layer of meat with aromatic coffee really wake up the taste! This is an absolutely perfect combination of the two most amazing things about Vietnamese cuisine. Enjoy a dish of Vietnamese Coffee Pork Ribs in the center of Saigon, with the crowded and vibrant Ben Thanh Market below really creates a very unforgettable experience. For coffee lovers, this must-try Vietnamese Coffee Pork Ribs is a delicious dish that is hard to refuse.

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